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API First, New Age
Loan Management Software

Built For Scale

At Synoriq, we're dedicated to elevating your lending experience. Our expert solutions are tailored for banks and NBFCs, setting the stage for a new era in financial services.

Scalability and Security
Super Compliant
100+ APIs
Excellence in Support
Hassle Free Migration 

Trusted Among Industry Leaders

Growth catalyst for the lenders

Experience control with Synoriq LMS. Scale with confidence of compliance

 ₹30,000 Cr.

AUM Managed

12 Lakh+

Loan Accounts Managed




Glimpses of Synoriq LMS


Focus on innovation in customer acquisition - leave the boring loan management to us

New age lending trends

  • Co-lending/BC and securitization module

  • FLDG and partner interest payouts

  • Subvention

  • Limit management - multiple loan products against single limit

  • Structured repayment schedule

  • BNPL / Supply Chain / Micro Lap / Gold Loans / Salary Advance / Dropline OD / Daily Installment

  • API first


  • System generated documents including Statement of Account, Foreclosure Letter, List of Documents

  • NACH / PDC management

  • 60+ reports

  • Management dashboards

  • Automated CKYC reporting

  • Configurability of appropriation sequence

  • Ability to define a separate appropriation sequence on NPA

  • Alerts to customers via SMS, Email and WhatsApp

  • Bureau reporting

NPA management

  • DPD (Days Past Due) as per IRAC norms

  • Auto classification on EOD to SMA-0, SMA-1, SMA-2, sub-standard, doubtful-1, doubtful-2, doubtful-3, Loss

  • Auto movement of accrued interest to suspended interest

  • Accounting write-off and write back of accounts

  • Interest accrual in suspended

  • Auto percolation of NPA status to linked accounts

  • NPA upgradation only after all accounts are standard


  • Voucher accounting - product / scheme / branch level

  • GST, TDS and Invoicing handling

  • IndAS compliant

  • Accounting templates product / asset classification wise

  • Automated accounting


  • Automated disbursement through bank integrations

  • Automatic EMI presentation and response update

  • PDC / NACH handling


  • Maker-checker

  • Audit trails for all changes including backdated repayment schedule

  • 2000+ validations

Synoriq LMS Highlights

Cost Efficient

With variable pricing based on book size. Synoriq LMS has been proven to be very cost effective with premium support


Synoriq LMS majorly focuses on automation in disbursement, Payment, Collection and much more 

NPA Management

Auto classification on EOD to SMA-0, SMA-1 SMA-2, sub-standard, doubtful-1, doubtful-2, doubtful-3, Loss

Regulatory Compliance

Synoriq LMS is designed to ensure compliance with all the regulatory requirements and guidelines set by RBI

In-Built Co-Lending

Synoriq LMS come with in-built co-lending capabilities with both CLM-1 and CLM-2 model supported 

Extensive Coverage

With more than 15+ Line Business Supported, Synoriq LMS built on a platform to support and configure any kind of Loan


Synoriq LMS offers a comprehensive Co-Lending module that can be used with your existing legacy LMS.

This workshop will cover in-depth  the day-to-day challenges faced by operations and accounts team.

Simplifying Co-lending Operations Addressing Challenges and Providing Solutions for Practi

Let's Hear from our Customers what they say about us

We signed Loan Management System of Synoriq in December 2022 to replace the existing system. The data migration was seamless and was completely owned responsibly by Team Synoriq. They immensely helped us in setting up the accounting strategies and accounting templates.
The system is user friendly and accommodates most of the business needs.The integration of our in-house Loan Origination  system with LMS was also seamless. 
They are engaged with us in the development of new functionalities and the willingness to do the innovative additions  is appreciable. The support is prompt and fantastic which is helping us stabilise the system .
We wish team Synoriq all the very best
himanshu gupta.png
Himanshu Gupta
CEO, Moneywise
SalarySe sought a modern LMS for the lending platform. Synoriq impressed with deep expertise and swift delivery, including custom features like single limit and convert-to-EMI. Smooth API integration made in-house development a breeze. Highly recommend Synoriq for FinTech lenders!
Saumeet Nanda
Co-Founder, SalarySe
We have been associated with Synoriq for the past 3 years. Their customer centricity and support are worth the appreciation. Disbursement processes become smooth and cancellations have reduced due to transparent processes.
Thanks to Synoriq for also incorporating our inputs in the product. Their constant striving for improvement is quite visible in the whole team.