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Widest coverage of loan products

with 15+ loan products supported

This page only covers product specific highlights! 

Did you check the detailed LMS feature list?

MSME Business Loans (LAP)

  • Co-applicants and guarantor management

  • Linked loans

  • Collateral dedupe

  • CERSAI reporting

  • Property details

  • Valuation details and LTV

  • PSL details 

  • Top-up loan on the same collateral

  • NACH / PDC + SPDC management

  • Dropline OD construct available

  • Broken period computation

  • Initial Money Deposit (IMD) management

  • Charge deduction from disbursement amount

  • Tranche disbursements

  • Insurance maintenance

  • Split repayment between co-applicants

  • Rich rescheduling capabilities

  • Reversal / cancellation options

  • Slab based foreclosure / pre-closure charges

Customers using Synoriq LMS for MSME Business loans

  • Finova Capital

  • CSL Finance

  • Criss Financials

  • SMC Finance

  • Choice Finserv

  • LIFC

  • PaisaBuddy

And many more....

Vehicle Loans

  • Flat interest rate to IRR conversion

  • Drawing of repayment schedule as per IRR

  • Both used and new vehicle handling

  • Vehicle details capturing

  • EV details capturing

  • Hypothecation status update

  • RC pending report

  • Form 34 / Form 34 download

  • Handling of advance EMI

  • Handling of tranche payment

  • Handling for quarterly / sem-annual repayment schedule for tractor loans

  • Custom repayment option

  • Trade advance management

  • Multiple disbursement options

  • Refinance option

  • Repo and seize handling

Customers using Synoriq LMS for Vehicle Loans

  • SPFC

  • Deccan Finance

  • Choice Finserv

  • LIFC

  • PaisaBuddy

  • BlackBuck


Education Loans

Repayment schedule flexibility

  • options for moratorium,

  • step-up, step-down

  • reduced EMIs for certain periods,

  • interest only instalments for initial periods.

Effective Subvention Management

  • Amortize the subvention schedule OR book it upfront

  • Handle subvention as fee income/interest income

  • Dual Repayment Schedule Views - from customer and accounting perspective

  • Real-time IRR Visibility

  • Advance-EMI (Downpayment)

  • GST on Subvention fee based on Partner’s state.

  • GST on PF is based on Customer’s state.

  • Dynamic Partnership Configurations

  • Parent level limit

  • Tranche based disbursement - based on the education curriculum - semester wise disbursement

  • Partner institute level subvention configurations

Customers using education loan LMS

  • FlyHi Finance

Educaton Loans

Supply Chain Finance

  • Handling of Invoices and Debit Note along with ERP ID

  • Auto computes eligible amounts for financing as per the available limits

  • Auto-disburse the amount through bank integrations

  • Customer portal to download

    • Statement of Account

    • Interest calculations

  • Virtual Accounts Numbers (VAN) for each dealer

  • Auto-recon of VAN payments

  • Limits configuration as Credit Lines in the LMS.

  • Drawdowns interest configuration

    • Interest upfront

    • Interest monthly and principal as bullet

    • Rear ended interest

  • Drawdown entry in RPS

  • Limit management

  • Adhoc limits during season time

  • 100% compliant with regulations - all the time

  • GST and TDS management

  • CIBIL reporting in ready format

  • Cash collateral / hold-back amount handling

Customers on SCF LMS

  • SG Finserve

Supply Chain Finance

Home Loans

  • Separate disbursement and repayment account

  • PDD management

  • Cheque printing module

  • Subsidy management

  • Loan cancellation

  • Tranche disbursement and PEMI

  • Insurance management

  • Floating rate review

  • Balance transfer / top up handling

  • Interest on Daily Reducing Balance

  • NHB reports

  • Charge configurations on foreclosure based on fixed / floating configuration

  • Ability to redraw repayment schedule based on actual payment date

  • Tiered interest rate - Fixed for initial 3 years, floating thereafter

  • Fixed to floating and vice-versa conversion

Customers on Home Loans LMS​

  • Reliance Home Finance


Gold loans

  • Elaborate collateral management

  • Gold rate maintenance caratwise

  • Ornament masters

  • Standard deduction configuration

  • State level stamp duty

  • Packet movement handling

  • Daily LTV updation and breach alerts

  • Auction management

  • Pre-pledge/ Post-pledge / Re-pledged Functionality

  • Renewal option

  • Part release functionality

  • Tenure and Repayment frequency options - 10 days / 20 days / Monthly / Quarterly / Half-yearly / 9-monthly

  • Rate jumper based on DPD

  • Bundling with unsecured PL under common Cust ID

  • GST report and invoicing

  • Capturing of nominee

  • Cash Disb charges, storage charges, closure charges  at scheme level

  • Grace period handling

Gold loans

Credit line on UPI

  • Configurability for Innovative Loan Products

  • Limit and sub-limit management:

  • Automated limit enhancement with customer consent.

  • On-demand limit increase or reduction.

  • Provision for ad-hoc limit adjustments during festive seasons.

  • Expiry and Renewal Management

  • Carry forward limits

  • Flexibility in billing options:

  • Interest-free periods configuration

  • Grace periods configuration

  • Custom billing dates

  • Multiple billing cycle options, including daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly.

  • Flexibility to allow or disallow early payments or partial payments

  • Minimum amount due configurations, 

  • Conversion to EMI for single transactions or entire bill amounts.

  • Charge configurations 

    • Processing fees.

    • Annual fees.

    • Penal charges.

    • Penal interests

  • Daily interest only on utilised amount​

Credit Line on UPI

Dropline OD (Flexi Loans)

  • Dropping methods

    • Fixed amount every month

    • Step-up/step-down drop

    • Drop after moratorium of X months

  • Two repayment schedule - 1) for the customer - tentative RPS 2) actual RPS based on utilisation

  • Repayment frequency - Monthly / Quarterly

  • Daily computation of interest on the utilised amount

Handling of charges

  • Auto posting of charges and utilisation of limits for outstanding charges

  • Both options - charges on accrual basis or cash basis

  • Overline handling due to bouncing

  • Penal charges definition

  • Non-utilisation charges on limit non-utilisation for a period

  • Multiple billing cycle - month end OR any specific day of the month

  • ​​Grace period configuration

  • Handling of back-dated transactions

  • Customer mobile app for drawdown, repayment, SOA

  • Instant bank disbursement  

  • Multiple repayment methods - a) payment gateways b) virtual account number c) UPI

  • Instant limit release on repayment 

Dropline Overdraft

Loan Against Securities (LAS)

  • Possible to capture the loan in any of the following 4 formats

    • As a credit line product 

    • As a bullet loan: similar to gold loans

    • As a balloon loan - pay monthly interest and principal in end

    • Repay in EMI format

  • LAS specific features

    • Extra credit for increased share value

    • Share swapping

    • Pledge invoke

    • Pledge more shares

    • Un-pledge some shares

  • Rich collateral management

    • Allowed ISIN and categorization

    • Haircut maintenance

    • Pledge / unpledge / invoke integration with depositories and mutual fund registrar

    • Daily LTV calculation

  • LAS specific charges

    • Brokerage charges

    • DP charges

    • Pledge confirmation charges

    • Un-pledge charges

    • Pledge invocation charges

    • DEMAT share transfer charges

  • Limit configuration parameters

    • Sanctioned limit

    • Current limit (based on latest LTV)

    • Haircut

    • Interest rate

    • Limit charges

      • Commitment Charges on Non-Utilization of Limits

      • Processing fee

      • Annual renewal fee

      • Processing fee

      • Bounce charges

      • Penal interest

Loan Against Securities (LAS)

Earned Wage Access (Salary on demand)

  • Handling of EWA as credit line or loan

    • Option#1: like Credit Card

    • Option#2: as bullet loans

  • Handling EWA like Credit Card

    • Sanctioned limit

    • Daily limit on attendance

    • Multiple drawdowns 

    • Interest on utilised amount

    • Monthly / salary day billing

    • Grace period

    • Interest free period 

    • Interest / Penal charge 

    • Convert to EMI functionality

  • Handling EWA as bullet loans 

    • Each drawdown as a separate loan in the system 

    • All loans on same Cust ID

    • define jumper rates

  • Disbursements

    • Instant disbursements through bank integrations

    • Slab based fee structure

    • Fee computation configurations - transaction level or monthly level

    • Auto fee deduction from net disbursement amount

  • HRMS handoff files and data exchange

    • Upload the daily limits to Synoriq LMS via file upload

    • API availability for limit updation via APIs

    • Employer-wise payroll deduction file

    • APIs available for employer-wise deduction information access

  • top-up loans as personal loans

  • Effective Interest Rates (EIR) as per IndAS

EWA Salary On Demand

Merchant Cash Advance (Daily Instalments)

Config#1 Daily instalment billing:

  • Generate EDI schedules

  • Holiday handling

  • Receipt allocation of dues in FIFO 

  • Charge sequence IPC or CIP 

  • Define grace period

  • DPD calculation on daily basis

  • Asset classification as per DPDs

  • Bounce charges configurations

  • Redraw repayment schedule on Part paymen

Config#2 Daily pre-payment(Fixed amount) but monthly EMI billing

  • Daily retained amount as part-payment and repayment schedule is redrawn with impact on the next EMI amount 

  • Handle lump sump part payments

  • Monthly instalment billing 

  • No penalties on missing daily retention

  • Penalties on monthly dues miss

Config#3 Daily pre-payment(variable amount) and bullet loan

  • Bullet loan with repayment of principal and interest on the maturity date

  • Upload of variable retained amount as receipts in the LMS

  • Auto reduction of the POS 

  • Interest accrual on a daily basis

  • Monthly billing of interest amount

Merchant Cash Advance - EDI


  • Define co-lending agreements

  • Manage co-lending in both scenarios - when you are sourcing or you are funding

  • Easily generate triple repayment schedules even in edge scenarios

  • Convert to co-lending at later point in time (CLM#2)

  • Bulk upload of co-lending loans

  • Support for both CLM1 and CLM2

  • Receipts allocation as per respective allocation strategy

  • Handling of edge-cases like

    • Short payment by the customer

    • Excess payment by the customer

    • Part pre-payment by customer and rescheduling

    • Tranche disbursements

    • Interest rate change

  • Multiple day-count convention

  • Multi-allocation strategies 

  • Foreclosure handling

  • Voucher posting net or reversal

  • Bank recon with escrow account / handling for reimbursements

  • Best co-lending architecture to handle complexities

  • Multiple deployment strategy with your legacy LMS

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