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Transform Your

Supply Chain Finance with Synoriq LMS

A system that delivers perfect accounting numbers every time and integrates with your CBS solution with ease. One-stop,  end-to-end solution to manage your foray into SCF

How we ease your process?

Super Compliant

Customer Access
though the web

Customized discounting
as per anchor

Plug and play valuation proposition

Automation: Reduced Manpower and TAT

Hassel Free

Variants Supported

Deal Financing

Po Financing

Vendor Financing

Reverse Factoring


Our Onboarding Journey

offers the ease of taking the anchor aboard and setting up the level limits. Empowers the anchor to login and upload the dealer/vendors for further onboarding and enables ERP id mapping at this stage to ensure mapping of SAP/ ERP with Synoriq SCF.  We provide both the onboarding paths of sef sign up and assisted journey based on your strategy.

 Application Form 


Self-signup journey (Web/App), allows you to send the signup link via email/SMS/ WhatsApp to the dealer/vendor. 

Assisted journey by centralized tele-calling team (Web), enables users to fill in the form on behalf of the customer and share the link with the customer for digital signing and further validation.

Assisted journey by RM on the field (App), eases the flow by allowing the user to fill out the form from their end and get it validated and digitally signed by the customer. 



CAM sheet is auto-generated, derived from the GST and ITR analysis.

The scorecard can be defined and the approval process can be automated.

Deviation management is supported

Agreement Execution


Inbuilt preparation and digital execution of documents

Setting the Limit


Final stage will be  setting the limits

What makes our Onboarding journey quick?

Minimal Infomation Gathering 


GST / ITR Anlyser

Integration with GST and ITR through OTP


KYC through Aadhaar XML

Co- Applicant

Filling in the form for the co-applicants

Bank Anlyser

Video KYC

Auto Fetching of linked GST Number

Transaction Management was never this simple before



for the process flow for Anchor led Dealer financing,

  • Anchor downloads an Excel from SAP or another ERP system with Invoices and Debit Note details. This Excel carries an ERP ID

  • The anchor can log in to the anchor portal and upload the Excel. They can also share this Excel with a lender and lenders can perform the same steps

  • The system does the following post this

    • Auto identifies the eligible dealers

    • Auto computes eligible amounts for financing as per the available limits

  • The lender can then approve the eligible requests 

  • The system can then auto-disburse the amount through bank integrations

Loan Management


  • Limits are configured as Credit Lines in the LMS. Drawdowns can have below interest configuration

    • Interest upfront

    • Interest monthly and principal as bullet

    • Rear ended interest

  • Each drawdown carries its own repayment schedule

  • GST and TDS management

  • CIBIL reporting in ready format

  • Limit management

  • 100% compliant with regulations - all the time

  • Adhoc limits during season time



  • The system can be integrated with Virtual Accounts numbers

  • Dealers/Vendors can make the payments to VAN and the system auto manages the repayments



  • Customers can log in into the system and check the

  • following on demand

  • Regular emailing of statements to respective customers

  • Statement of Account

  • Download detailed working of interest calculations

  • Raising of service tickets from the portal is also planned

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