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We are

We are a team of 150+ passionate engineers with strong focus on leadership. We power up enterprises with our technology capabilities. We thrive to create impact in the lives of people through every work we do.

Our Core Values

At Synoriq, we focus highly on our set of values. Our values are there to remind us of who we are, what we do and what we want to be.

Solve Problems

We exist to solve problems for organizations and help them do better with technology solutions.

Endure Relationship

Relationship is of utmost priority to us. Be it a new client or an existing client, our focus is always on building long lasting relationships.

Great Project Execution

Our leaders are committed to deliver no less than an excellent product. Everyone in the team has great execution capabilities and drive the tasks with full ownership.

Build Usable Products

We thrive to understand the WHY behind every product we create. We ensure that we gain the domain knowledge and hence create usable products that are appreciated by the end users.

Holistic Communication

We understand how important is to properly and clearly communicate your thoughts - be it on your approach or weekly project reports - we give stakeholder communication an important value in our culture system.

Over the years, we have been working with amazing enterprises to push boundaries to all that is possible through technology


Our Story

We have always been obsessed with creating products which creates an impact on people’s life

Our balanced team of highly experienced and young talents with strongly opinionated minds allow us to make every project a success story. We believe in working hard, playing hard and partying… even harder. Our culture includes time flexibility, transparency and encouraging people to have a sense of ownership.

Join the Synorite tribe!

If you are looking to take up responsibilites and grow your career exponentially, explore our open positions

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