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Heavy engagement of the Tech Team for customization

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Sit back, meanwhile, our team does all the customizations for you

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We do the boring task of managing loans really well so that you can focus on your core innovation
List of customizations required in Apache Fineract
  • Automation in Disbursement

    • Bank integrations are required for automated payments. SynoFin comes pre-integrated with multiple banks

  • NPA Compliance

    • Asset Classification

      • Once an NPA, will remain an NPA till the time it is regularized i.e. if 3 installments are pending and then 1 is paid post NPA - it does not change the asset classification

      • Bucketing requirements - SMA-0, SMA-1, SMA-2, Substandard-I, Substandard-II, Doubtful-I, Doubtful-II, Doubtful-III, Writeoff

      • DPD posting on a daily basis

      • Asset classification based on aging and not on DPD only

    • Interest accrual

      • Post NPA, interest accrual should be posted in the suspended interested account which is a memo account

      • Post regularization, the same needs to be auto-moved to the Interest Accrual account

    • Provisioning

      • Compliance with the latest provisioning norms as per the granular bucketing by RBI

      • SynoFin does the automatic posting of provision entries

    • Linked Loans

      • Auto loan linking based on certain customer parameters - If one customer turns NPA then all its loans should be marked NPA 

      • Asset classification should be by the customer and not by loan

  • Repayment Schedule

    • Accounting and customer repayment schedule in case of subvention. Amortization of subvention as interest income

    • Step up and step down EMIs

    • Fixed EMI till a certain time period which is 1) Only interest Or 2) Interest+some principal OR 3) EMI less than interest and capitalization of interest

    • Full loan booking for customers but tranche payouts for education institutes

    • Installment wise Delay days 

  • Repayment management

    • Ability to manage Pre-EMI in case of tranche disbursements

    • NACH and PDC management

      • Detailed entry of PDC and SPDC

      • Handling of presentation process along with accounting for  in-process transactions

      • Managing of bounces

    • Split repayment from multiple co-applicants - multi-NACH

    • Holding EMI presentation

    • BBPS integrations

    • LPP reversal on backdated receipts

    • Lock-in period interest calculation if closed between lock-in period

    • Receivable to receivable transfer without receipt cancellation

  • Charges management

    • Accrual accounting for loans but cash-based accounting for charges - charges hit the ledger only when they are paid by the customer

    • IMD management - initial accounting against application and then the auto movement of IMD against loan account on successful loan disbursement

    • Auto posting of bounce charges on receipt bounce

    • Auto computation of charges on foreclosure

    • Auto computation and posting of charges

    • Granular control on receipt allocation regarding which charge / receivable to knock-off

    • Option to add charges in subsequent tranches in tranche payments

  • Collateral management

    • Collateral dedupe

    • CERSAI reporting

    • LTV

    • Top-up loan on the same collateral

  • Rescheduling

    • Part-payment - change in EMI amount or change in Tenor both supported

    • Rich rescheduling capabilities - Installment change, part payment, rate change, tenure change, due date change, moratorium

  • Restructuring management

  • Tranche disbursement

    • Only interest or principal+interest configurations

  • Advance EMI management

    • 3 different modes of advanced EMI

  • Knock-offs 

    • Auto knock-off through excess money

    • Receivable to payable knock-off

    • Receivable to receivable knock-off - useful in loan cancellation

  • Reversals

    • Knockoff reversal

    • Foreclosure reversal

  • Accounting

    • Separate interest and principal accounting

    • IndAS accounting compliant - amortization of processing fee and other fee

    • GST Invoicing

    • IRR computations

    • PSL details management

    • Handling of accounting asset classification wise

    • GST management - auto identification of IGST or CGST+SGST

    • Nett TDS repayment options - where the borrower deducts TDS while making repayments

  • System Generated Documents

    • Statement of Account

    • Welcome letter

    • Foreclosure letter

    • NOC (with blocking/unblocking)

    • Rescheduling letter

    • Received LOD

  • Insurance management

    • LAP is often lent with an insurance cover for the loan amount

  • EOD/EOM Management

    • Easy switch between auto and manual EODs

    • Daily interest accrual

    • Daily LPI accrual

    • Daily DPD posting

    • Daily asset classification change

    • Installment billing

    • Monthly provisioning and provisioning reversal

    • Knockoff

  • Always having to worry about Compliance

    • RBI keeps rolling out changes through notifications

    • Synoriq proactively ensures the system is fully compliant at all the times

  • Co-lending capabilities

    • Does not offer co-lending capabilities out of the box

  • FLDG management

  • Automation

    • Integration with multiple banks for auto-disbursements

    • Integration with multiple banks for repayment via Virtual Account Numbers

    • Auto NACH presentation process with Integration with third parties like Digio

    • Bureau reporting

    • CKYC reporting

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