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Ensures Compliance

with Automated CKYC Processes

A comprehensive solution that combines various components to effectively handle customer CKYC registration via the CERSAI CKYC portal.

Unlocking the Future of Identity Verification

Get to know more about CKYC and how easily our system complete that task

Strengthening Security

KYC is a requirement for customers in the BFSI sector to prevent financial fraud.

Simplify KYC Transactions

CKYC was introduced to alleviate the burden of multiple KYC transactions.

KYC Compliance Streamline

CKYC is a single database that stores verified KYC information of customers.

SynoCKYC offers you the
best features
that you'll need

Our System has all the features that will automate your KYC process


Every customer's KYC information is linked to a unique identifier.

Search & Download

Financial service providers can search and download KYC records easily.


Updates to CKYC records are notified to all linked financial institutions.


Explore Our Comprehensive Services in the Central CKYC Nexus

Empowering Financial Institutions for Swift Compliance and Enhanced Customer Onboarding


Effortlessly Access Customer Details of Your Financial Institution through CKYC Numbers


Uploads customer details in CKYC SFTP Serve and you will find their generated CKYC no.


CKYC Receives Daily Updates from LMS, Ensuring Real-time Information Integration

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