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Personal Loan Product

Empowering Financial Solutions Unlock the Future with Instant Personal Loans Discover a new world of financial possibilities with Synoriq's cutting-edge lending solutions. Our revolutionary personal loan offerings redefine the lending landscape, ensuring your customers can access funds swiftly and efficiently

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Key Advantages

Instant Disbursals

Seamlessly process and disburse personal loans in record time.

Intelligent Insights

Leverage business intelligence to streamline your lending operations.

Digital Convenience

Say goodbye to paperwork hassles – our 100% online loans are paperless and user-friendly

We Bring Efficiency to You

Synoriq understands the evolving needs of modern financial institutions. We present an array of features that reshape lending journeys:

API-Orchestrated Solution

Our advanced technology orchestrates quick disbursals through seamless API integrations.

Lead Generation Module

Capture leads from multiple sources and track interactions effortlessly

Inclusive Functionalities

Designed for various stakeholders, from agents to risk containment units.

Soft Quotes

Ensure customer satisfaction and continuity by offering pre-eligibility checks.

Deviation Capability

Customize policies, manage deviations, and maintain workflow configurations.

Automated Credit Checks

Access credit scores from multiple bureaus within seconds

OCR Capabilities

Effortlessly manage scanned document data with OCR technology.

​Why Choose Synoriq​​ ?

Experience the future of lending with Synoriq's Lentra platform


Instant Decisioning

Empower your teams with AI-driven decisions and swift disbursals


360° Lending Ecosystemecisioning

Our full-stack solutions cater to every requirement, from self-service to new-to-bank customers


Automated Excellence

Enjoy pre-integrated APIs that provide a competitive edge through microservices.


Anytime, Anywhere Loans

Gift your customers the freedom to access loans whenever and wherever they need.

Our Lending Flow

Imagine a lending experience that works for you around the clock, fully digitized and hassle-free. With Synoriq, our 24/7 lending solutions come with high Straight-Through Processing (STP) rates and automated payment collection. From onboarding to collection, we've got your lending journey covered.

Explore the Future with Synoriq

Synoriq's Personal Loans represent the epitome of lending innovation. Join us in transforming the financial landscape, one loan at a time. Experience convenience, speed, and intelligence – all in one cohesive lending platform. Reach out to us today to embark on a lending journey like no otherutting-edge lending solutions. Our revolutionary personal loan offerings redefine the lending landscape, ensuring your customers can access funds swiftly and efficiently


Fueling Your Business Dreams Unleash Your Business Potential with Synoriq Experience a new era of business growth and expansion with Synoriq's cutting-edge business loan solutions. We are your partners in progress, helping you scale your enterprise with ease and efficiency.

Key Advantages 


1. Comprehensive Assessment

Scale your business with confidence, thanks to our robust digital evaluation process


2. Efficiency Redefined

Slash acquisition costs and streamline onboarding through Lentra's business loan journey

Your Business, Your Loan

Synoriq understands the diverse needs of modern enterprises. Our business loan platform brings a host of benefits to your doorstep

Configurable Journey

Tailor the lending journey to suit your business's unique requirements

Seamless Onboarding

Acquire customers effortlessly through digital logins, verifications, and instant decisioning

Digital Field Investigation

Capture crucial data points including geo-locations, waivers, and more through automatic report uploads

Built-In Features

From fraud checks to application completeness verification, we've got your back.

Cross-Selling Potential

Enhance your sales strategy through aggregated credit evaluations and targeted offer logic

One-Pager Insights

Gain instant access to key banking and financial information for each applicant.

Comprehensive User Groups

We cater to an exhaustive range of stakeholders, ensuring a seamless process for various entities.

Why Choose Synoriq?

Elevate your business loan experience with Synoriq's Lentra platform:

Automated Excellence

Our advanced technology ensures quick decisioning and assessment, bolstering onboarding and STP rates.

API-Powered Efficiencyated Excellence

Customers can enjoy near-instantaneous business loan journeys, thanks to our API-driven systems.

All-in-One Solution

Synoriq's products combine a range of capabilities, from digital verifications to smart decisioning and data analysis.

Future-Proof Operations

Embrace digital lending, origination, and management systems that stand the test of time.

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Our Lending Flow

 Imagine a lending process that keeps your business thriving 24/7. Synoriq's business loan journey empowers you with insights, data, and decisions that fuel growth

Business meeting

 Partner with Synoriq

Synoriq's Business Loans represent the pinnacle of lending innovation. Join hands with us to propel your business forward, one loan at a time. Experience efficiency, accuracy, and convenience – all in one unified lending platform. Connect with us today to embark on a business lending journey that's tailored to your aspirations.

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