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Transforming Gold Loans for a Brighter Future

Discover the need for efficiency, the challenges faced, and how Synoriq's Lending Suite revolutionizes gold loans. Explore our innovative features and embrace the future of gold loan management.

Challenges in Gold Loan Management

Synoriq understands the evolving needs of modern financial institutions. We present an array of features that reshape lending journeys:

Regulatory Dynamics:

Staying compliant with evolving regulations while maintaining profitability remains crucial.

Gold Price Fluctuations:

Staying compManaging the impact of global gold price variations is essential for sustainable operations.vliant with evolving regulations while maintaining profitability remains crucial.

Diverse Repayment Preferences:

Accommodating varying customer repayment schedules, including partial pre-payments and interest payments, requires precision

Unique Requirements:

Gold loans necessitate specialized documentation, including capturing pledged gold values, maintaining storage records, and flexible term adjustments based on gold price fluctuations

Requirements for an Efficient Gold Loan Journey To effectively address these challenges, a modern gold loan management system must possess advanced capabilities:

Advanced Customer Record Management

Centralized storage of customer information with AI-driven document recognition and data extraction

End-to-End Automation

Automation of the entire loan lifecycle, enhancing efficiency and customer satisfaction

Precision in Planning, Payment Tracking, and Collection

Automated interest calculations, penalty alerts, and robust audit trails to prevent fraud.

Integrated Accounting Engine

Streamlined accounting processes, including loan rescheduling and auction management.

Flexible Architecture

Adaptability to varying repayment schedules, customer needs, and fluctuating gold prices, with strong risk management capabilities.

User Management

Efficient management of customer databases and loan processes, reducing costs and enhancing profitability.

Comprehensive Reporting and Analytics

User-friendly reporting and data-driven insights to drive productivity and customer satisfaction.

Synoriq Gold Loan Management System

Synoriq understands the evolving needs of modern financial institutions. We present an array of features that reshape lending journeys:


Ornament Masters for Accuracy

Ensuring precise calculations and policy adherence. Collateral Management for LTV and Part Release: 


Collateral Management for LTV and Part Release

Assigning unique IDs for collateral tracking, crucial for LTV calculations and seamless part releases


Real-time Gold Rates for Accurate LTV

Fetching daily gold rates for up-to-the-minute LTV calculations and monitoring.


Audit Module for Transparency

Providing a comprehensive view of gold transactions to minimize discrepancies


Auction Module for NPA Communication

Streamlining communication with Non-Performing Asset (NPA) customers.


Cash Transfer and Packet Movement

Simplifying cash transfers between branches and controlling gold collateral packet movements


And others. Please find the capability deck and Product note for Gold loan journey attached

Our gold loan management system empowers you to navigate the complexities of gold loans with ease. It streamlines operations, enhances transparency, and ensures you stay ahead in the gold loan financing landscape.
In an ever-evolving industry, Synoriq's Gold Loan Management System is your key to stability and efficiency. Contact us today to elevate your gold loan financing, maximizing your returns by reducing manual work, improving efficiency, and accelerating productivity.

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