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Empower digital lenders with our advanced loan management software. Streamline processes and boost efficiency for seamless lending experiences.

The end-to-end comprehensive system for Digital Lenders

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We've Solutions for Digital Lenders


Those who source and lend from their own book.


Those who source and their lending partners lend, but the complete lending experience is owned by them


The one with an excellent product, tech team, and a brilliant idea for a unique customer experience and innovative underwriting.

Loan management system perfectly suited for your needs

Focus on the real differentiator and leave the boring task of loan management on us

  • Rich Functionality
    Regulatory compliance - No need to worry about developing for regulatory compliance. We take care of the same Supports any kind of loan product - personal term loans and line products - dropline overdraft Support for co-lending and BC sourcing models
  • Non functional aspects
    API first - APIs for everything - over 150+ API Rich Documentation - to easily get started Secure - SOC-2 Type-2 compliant and ISO27001 compliant Scalable - we will stand with you no matter how large you become Regular updates - get benefits for regular feature updates Replication tool to replicate loan data to the server of your choice 200+ member team to provide fast support for changes and support Affordable - pay as you grow pricing
  • Compared to inhouse development?
    You might find initial quick wins 80% of development is completed in 20% of the time Major time goes in stabilizing it and handling compliances and edge scenarios and making it suitable for the CFOs
  • Easy Migration
    We've developed expertise on migration with inhouse migration automation tools. A typical migration can be completed within 3 months.

Feature highlight of Synoriq LMS

01. Business

  • Built-in support for co-lending

  • Subvention, graded interest

  • Bureau reporting

  • Repayment options

    • NACH

    • VAN

    • PDC

  • Alert management through communication engine

  • Multi-loan products

02. Ops & Accounting

  • IndAS - handling of amortization of processing fee

  • Rounding off management

  • GST management - B2B ready

  • TDS management - B2B ready

  • Rich back value transactions support with strong controls/audit logs and maker checker approvals

03. Regulatory compliance

  • DPDs calculations

  • Asset classification as per RBI rules

  • SMA bucketing

  • Standard, Sub-standard, doubtful - bucket movement as per the RBI regulations

  • Provisioning validations as per RBI compliance

  • Customer-level asset classification - auto change of classification if any one of the loans is impacted

  • Bureau reporting - reports and connectors

  • CKYC - connectors

  • Audit trail for everything

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