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Synoriq brings you a powerful workshop* on 

Co-lending Operations Made Easy

Solutions and Tips for Addressing Challenges

You should attend this workshop ONLY IF

  • If you are originating lender in the co-lending arrangement

  • If you have already executed OR on verge of finalizing co-lending master agreement with any bank

  • If you are doing such arrangements directly without going through marketplaces

  • If you are handling operations or finance at the NBFC

  • If you are already aware of the day-to-day problems that you may face in managing co-lending

  • If you are confused on how will multiple LMS be managed

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In this workshop we will cover

Generating right repayment schedules (3)

  • Handling day count convention difference - Bank follows Actual/365 but I follow 30/360

  • Creation of repayment schedule when loan has already started and bank confirms after a month or more

  • Handling of scenarios when the bank payment date is not aligned to the loans repayment date

Handling scenarios in receipts and rescheduling

  • What happens in case of short payment by the customer?

  • What happens in case of excess payment by the customer?

  • How does the receipt allocation work in such cases?

  • How to handle part pre-payment handled?

  • How to handle rescheduling events?

  • How is foreclosure handled?

Handling accounting

  • How to handle co-lending accounting?

  • Accounting in case of any rescheduling event

  • Bank recon

  • Generating payout reports?

  • Managing dual LMS systems

Right solutioning for operationalizing co-lending ?

  • Should you get your current LMS modified to handle co-lending?

  • Should you replace your current legacy LMS with new age LMS supporting co-lending?

  • Should you buy separate LMS to manage co-lending and continue with legacy LMS for remaining products?

  • Should you deploy a separate LMS just for calculation purpose and continue using your legacy LMS for all loan products?

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Simplifying Co-lending Operations Addressing Challenges and Providing Solutions for Practi

Thanks for showing interest. Looking forward to seeing you on Feb 7th in Mumbai!

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